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Meet us and explore Patmos

Our traditional villas in Patmos is not just a place where you can unwind watching the deep blue waters of the Aegean. We will be more than pleased to meet you in order to guide you through the various activities you can do in Patmos and Irini Houses at any time of the year. Below you can browse a selected few.

Everything starts with an idea. The greatest things, though, start with love. Christos Kamitsis, a stonemason and martial arts teacher, fell in love with Eirini and they got married. Their house in Chora was so beautiful!

As you open the window, your heart fills with the sight of the sea and your mind instantly overflows with its endless roaring. You find peace. You open yourself to the timeless universe…

Although you’re not actually in your own house, you feel the warmth of being at home. With the slight difference that here it is us who take care of your comfort. With the same dedication though, that we would care about our own home and family.

Patmos and the surrounding islands are the secret paradise to those of you who seek peace and the chance to rediscover themselves. Here you are in harmony with the here and now.

The houses are build on top of the Sapsila hill and every one of them has a breathtaking view of the Aegean sea and the sunrise.

Personal training sessions

During your stay in our traditional mansions, you have the opportunity to combine your vacation with your personal workout. Pursue a new perspective on fitness, both effective and fun at Eirini Luxury Hotel Villas.

Guests can take advantage of the exclusive personal training services, indoor and outdoor workout sessions with fitness specialists, and the option to create a personalized fitness program.

Functional training, Cross training, TRX, and Pilates are among the various workouts that can be arranged for you.

Our fitness sessions can be fully customized to match your specific needs and preferences.

Kids Games

A new creative, entertaining program specially designed for young children in the safe area of our pool.

Our little friends can participate in the original creative program, tailored to the needs of their age.

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