Your Stay

Every person is unique and different. Although in our refuge there is a set time for every service (e.g. breakfast or cleaning), nothing is definitive without your consent. We are all human, and humans can come to an agreement.

We will do anything that’s in our hands to make you happy for the duration of your stay. Of course, our presence is always discreet; we respect your peace of mind and your needs. Here, you will get to discover what “fresh” really means, as in most cases it’s actually brand new. Milk and yogurt come from the goats in the fold right below. The local cheese varieties, goat cheese, cream cheese ( mizithra and ksinomizithra) are from the small creamery nearby, in Groikos. The eggs are always fresh from the family’s coop.

What to do

  • Fishing, Christos is a man of nature, an athlete, an experienced diver and an award winning fisherman, who’s always happy to share the secrets of his discoveries. In any season you can consult him about anything on the island, or ask him to accompany you on the picturesque paths of Patmos to enjoy nature. And if it’s fishing, spearfishing or diving you’re most excited about, then he knows how to make the most out of it in any particular season of the year. See more about fishing with Christos.
  • Daily excursions, if you are a traveler and you always feel the need to see something new, we can organize an daily excursion for you with a private boat to the islands around Patmos.
  • Walking, running and hiking. Whatever your passion is, Patmos offers you all of the options. 
  • Walking and collecting traditional herbs of Patmos. Patmos has many traditional, local and not only herbs, we ‘ll find you the suitable person to guide you and explain you every detail you need about collecting and using these herbs.
  • Body and Mind, we have great instructors to help you relax while you are training your body with Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi Chuan Qi Gong.
  • Self defense and fitness, althought if you think you need something more powerfull you can also give a try to Krav Maga and Tactical Fitness giving you some tools to protect yourself and also strengthen your body and increase your physical fitness.
  • Dancing, we have a great dance teacher to teach you traditional dances of Patmos and Greece.
  • Massage, if, though, you just need some relaxation, we offer massage services by experienced personnel.

Just let us know your passion and we ‘ll make our best to organize it for you.