Chi Qong / Tai Chi Chuan / Yoga seminar in Patmos

We are pleased to announce a Chi Qong / Tai Chi Chuan / Yoga seminar even in Patmos, sponsored and organised by Eirini Traditional Houses.

The seminar will take place at 8th to 11th of May 2014.

The calm and bright enviroment at our houses, close the the nature and with the view of the Aegean is an ideal location for Chi Qong / Tai Chi Chuan practice.

Price: €370 for two persons (double room)
Extra person (at the same room): €90

Prices include the lessons, breakfast, transfer from the port and your stay at Eirini Traditional Houses.

To book the seminar, contact us through the contact form or give us a call at +30 6973 744102 or +30 22470 32826.

Seminar Schedule

1st Day
Chi Qong – Best practices for health and peace
Basic movements and steps of Tai Chi Chuan

2nd Day
Chi Qong
Steps and the first part of the short form of Tai Chi Chuan
Movements applications and explanation as self-defense

3rd Day
Chi Qong
Steps and the second part of the short form of Tai Chi Chuan
Practice of the entire form

4th Day
Pushing hands and applications
Practice form
Practice of the great form

Instructors: Nikitakis Ioannis, Katsiavaras Euripidis, Kamitsis Christos


Tai Chi Chuan is ultimately an art that brings changes. Far from only being an isolated exercise, it crosses all boundaries to touch all aspects of our lives. The examples of this section alone have highlighted three large areas in which Tai Chi Chuan can affect us. But the art simply has infinite diversity. It can influence you physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. Practise Tai Chi Chuan correctly and you will see these changes infuse into your everyday. There are millions of people who practice Tai Chi Chuan for its multitude of benefits and effects.

Qi Qong is an ancient art of moving Qi. Often it is practiced with simple exercises. One may be laying down, seated, standing, walking, or making various movements like a form. Today Qi Qong is widely practiced with many different schools of thought. Many martial arts consider their art a Qi Qong art (like tai chi chuan). It is often used to help promote longevity, recover from serious illnesses, and to help when nothing else seems to work. It is a proven therapeutic practice with many clinics in China dedicating their lifework toward Qi Qong healing and recording its effectiveness.

Qi Qong is a lifestyle change which helps one adapt. Learning a few simple Qi Qong movements can make a tremendous difference in the way you feel. It can boost your immune system levels. It releases endorphins that literally make you feel better. It teaches you the value of soft exercise. The flexibility of the body often increases due to the whole body movement and the movement from your core which strengthens your tendons and ligaments.