Patmos: a hiker’s paradise

Our island offers a significant network of paths connecting the villages to the Holy Monastery of Saint John the Evangelist to the various hermitages and retreats. The hiking areas are of moderate difficulty and can be used during all seasons, since the island’s climate is especially temperate. Those paths reveal the astonishing beauty of Patmos’ sights: old chapels, retreats, small towers, ancient sites, rich flora (especially in spring, when the little meadows are blossoming with wild flowers), fields, hills, fauna and the unique beauty of the shoreline.

Patmos gives us the opportunity to breathe life into old paths that throughout the centuries have been opened by our ancestors alongside all of Greece with great toil and artistry. We can consider those paths information sources, we can open a window, a window of memories: walk on the trails of our grandfathers, relearn the history of our land and it’s folklore, see-from a hiker’s point of view- the old monuments, the monasteries and the chapels, all those places of rare natural beauty and variety, let the biodiversity of the island amaze us.