In spring, Patmos offers its visitors countless beauties, from sunrises to idyllic nights, lit by starlight. During this season, while everything around us is renewed and reborn, the island reaches another dimension you’d say, everything around you moves in the light, you feel the air changing, filled with whispers and fragrant secrets. The mountains of the island are green and full with fragrances of wildflowers and blossomed herbs. The nardus, the sage and chamomile, poppies, “mantelides” with their beautiful daisies, the daffodils and lilies are cheering. In the Eirini Houses, the scent of spring pervades everything: lilies, Japanese mock-orange, roses, cistus, violets and herbs, that the bowls and pots are filled with, the smell of amiant in the mansions, gardens and yards, cleaned and whitened during this season around the island, even the smell of lavender on freshly washed clothes and then the Easter candles that smell like honeycomb and honey, standing on the tables during Holy Week together with the red painted eggs.

During the month of March, despite the cold, the sun, lying on the spring equinox, is very intense. So, without forgetting to wear a hat, we can enjoy beautiful walks in the settlements of the island, experience the charm of the Chora , drink ouzo on the Skala square and enjoy the wonderful nature in the countryside of Kambos, walk the trails and get to know the monuments and folklore of the island. On Patmos, everything dances to another rhythm now, the rhythm of Easter’ and the summer season’ anticipation. The stores are getting ready to open , homes are cleaned and painted, Easter treats are being prepared and the churches are filled with followers who attend with solemnity the religious ceremonies from the beginning of Lent to the Resurrection , unfailingly. Patmians, because of the sanctity of the island and the Byzantine tradition, still preserve the old customs and traditions, where religious duties go in line with social ones. During Easter in Patmos we will experience unique moments that will make us rejoice and fill our existence with essence.

We will follow the ritual of the “Divine Passions”, the “Basin“ and the “Resurrection”, which are executed on Patmos according to the Byzantine tradition. In the houses, Irene and Christos will provide us- alongside the good wishes and smiles -with red-painted eggs, goat cheese, some coffee with the fragrant Easter pie and the “koumpasakia”. Perhaps our dear hosts will even get inspired and put the broth with “podokefalo” on the wood jambs as the elders used to do, while some “patatato” goat will be cooking in the oven.